Weekly Torah Portions

Torah in a wheat fieldBelievers in Jesus are increasingly curious about the Jewish background of their faith. One key to understanding is the recognition of the historical custom of weekly Torah readings. Each week a portion of the first five books of the Bible (the Torah) is read in synagogues and homes around the world. Our desire in producing these one-minute videos is to draw out a life lesson for today.

It’s been said, “The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed.” We believe this, and see the Scriptures as one long love story, in which God reveals His desire to be in a relationship with humanity. There is a centuries-old story about a Gentile who said he would follow the God of Abraham if a Rabbi could explain the whole Torah while standing on one foot. The Jewish sage Hillel is credited with saying to him, “What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor. That is the whole Torah; the rest is the explanation of this—go and study it!”

In Matthew 13:52, Yeshua said, “Every Torah scholar schooled by heaven brings forth treasures old and new”.

We hope these posts will inspire you and encourage you to study the Word for yourselves.

New lessons will be posted weekly (except during special holidays)… So return here for more.

What the enemy meant for evil, God will use for good!

Joseph proves to have wisdom from above for Pharaoh

Joseph enters the story of God’s love for Israel and mankind – suffering leads to supremacy

Jacob wrestles… and his descendants continue to wrestle – victory is on the Way

Jacob dreams of God…Yeshua is God’s dream for Jacob

Generational conflict through Rebecca’s twins… with a promise of reconciliation in Yeshua

As Sarah’s life comes to an end, God provides a bride for Isaac, picturing Messiah and His believers.

Who ate lunch with Abraham? Who called forth Isaac? Was it the Lord Himself?

Abraham follows God and the whole world is blessed.

Jesus said planet earth would look like the “days of Noah” before His return… there is a positive side to this….

Genesis 1 – Starting Over! The Cycle of Torah begins with the opening portion of the Bible and sets the tone of God’s love for humanity

The scroll is closed and ready to open for the next year! This will often be read at the end of Succoth [Tabernacles]

A second song of Moses

Joshua is commissioned to lead Israel

Warnings and Promises: Choose Life!

God’s generosity to Israel calls for a loving response

The Creator alone knows the end from the beginning

The basis for civil law is established, with a view towards love for one another

God gives us all a choice for blessing or cursing…
The root of Jacob’s name provides clues for our wrestling match with the One who is Messiah
Moses predicts the exile of Israel and her eventual redemption
Are you in a turnaround season?
How extensive is Israel’s land in the eyes of God?
Promises, promises
A broken letter in the Word points to a sacrifice that secures your eternity

King David will arise and foreshadow the King to come…

The mystery of the Red Heifer [a key offering to the Lord] is hidden in this passage.

A rebellion against God’s designated authority brings disaster… we must discern the one another’s roles and God’s provision through each one.
Moses commissions Joshua and changes his name to protect him from unbelief

In a mysterious moment, we see Aaron prefiguring Jesus lifting us up for cleansing from sin

A blessing for you that goes back to the time of Moses but still is effective today!

God speaks in the quiet of the desert and calls those who are not His to become His own…

Ancient saying: “God is difficult to understand, for He is first 1, then 3… then 7”. Sevens abound in this revelation of Sabbath, the Feasts, the Shemittah and Jubilee.

Forgive my math gaffe!

7X7+1=50… Jubilee!

Jacob’s great, great, grandson Aaron and his descendants were chosen to lead the priests of Israel – but we ALL have a part to play…

Like me, you may not feel holy… but God calls us by name and separates us as holy – it is the holiness of Yeshua that sanctifies us! Whew!

Two great sons of Aaron make the fatal mistake of presuming to come before God in their own way. This is a sobering passage for seekers, reminding us that Yeshua is the way, the truth and the life.

In a most mysterious ceremony, we can see a foreshadowing of Yeshua as the healer of humanity’s spiritual leprosy

What a sobering teaching is recorded here. God strikes Moses himself for speaking against the Israelites to God! For a moment, he has leprosy – but the Lord heals him and shows us how important our speech is – very convicting!

Is there any sin that is too great for God’s grace? No! As the Israelites discovered after the Golden Calf debacle – The Lord responds to intercession. He will do that for you as well.

Wow! The 5 different types of sacrifices are described, covering all manner of alienation from God. We look forward to the Messianic age – in which PRAISE and THANKSGIVING will be the sacrifices.

We begin the next book, Leviticus and learn of the mercy of God in providing a way for Israel be forgiven through the sacrificial system.

Yeshua is our High Priest with a double portion anointing – We can have the mind of Messiah as we cooperate with Him.

Messiah came first as a suffering servant, He’s coming back as the Lion of Judah to rule!

Moses scribed the Words of God – making him our greatest teacher. Jesus IS the Word of God – making Him greater than Moses…

Abraham Lincoln noted that he didn’t worry whether  God was on his side. He was concerned with being on God’s side, “because God is always right”  – We can be healers and reconcilers.

#19 Contributions – Generosity opens the door to see God’s face

In his latter days, Albert Einstein said he was, “inexorably drawn to the luminous figure of the Nazarene”

The glory of God is real and compelling.

#18 Judgements –  God What do You want from me?

We can know the God of Abraham and His will for us… it’s in His Word and through the life of Yeshua – this passage contains instruction on how to treat each other well.

Wise counsel: “all the Lord speaks we shall do”

Saved from death, delivered from the enemy… a time for faith

Lamb’s blood covers the homes of Israel, Yeshua’s blood covers the hearts of “whoever”

Exodus story parallels the message of Yeshua’s last Seder …

Shalach et ami! Let My People Go!

The Gospel in the very names of the tribes of Israel!