One Heart – One Hope – One Future

Is there hope for the Middle East? If so, does that mean there is hope for our planet?

Watch this video and see how God can change people from the inside.
A New York Jew, a California Catholic and a Muslim from Bethlehem find out together!


  • Israel’s Restoration – the ancient people to their promised land [Amos 9:15]
  • Bible Teaching – connecting both testaments to today’s headlines [Matthew 13:52]
  • Intercessory Prayer – for the shared destiny of Israel and the church [Isaiah 62:6]
  • Reconciliation of Jews, Christians and the Nations [1 Corinthians 10:32]
  • Humanitarian Outreaches – to refugees, recovering addicts, single mothers in need, free dental clinic staffed by Believers and therapy center for child victims of terror [Matthew 25:40]