The Times They are a-Changin’… Fast!

Myles WeissThe pace of world events is picking up as we approach the coming of Messiah. Our TV series, Times of the Signs, clearly expresses this idea. In it, seasoned leaders declare that we can see end-times Scripture prophecies unfolding more rapidly.

Mass Emigration Dangers

The mass emigration from the Middle East is fraught with ominous import. When the movement of the masses took Europe by storm in early September, a simultaneous dust storm of historic proportions besieged Israel.

As the natural haze engulfed Israel, a spiritual haze overtook the West. I thought we had “peaked” in our massive denial of Islamic aggression and its long-term plans for a worldwide caliphate! But the new wave of migration includes a Trojan horse that deploys ISIS fighters whose goal is the subjugation of Europe and the Western world … and there is no cohesive resistance.

The tragedy of genuinely displaced persons, unfortunately, brings with it mixed motives and agendas. As Europe faced the new arrivals, some disturbing under- currents appeared:

  • ISIS claimed that it had embedded 4,000 jihadists among the refugees
  • Saudi Arabia and other Sunni nations refused to help their Arab (butShi’ite) brothers in seeking asylum.
  • Germany, seeking to replace its declining workforce, caused by an aging population and shrinking growth, declared that it would be a haven for about 1⁄2 million new arrivals per year
  • Reports of young Moslem men shouting obscenities, throwing feces atEuropean authorities, and yelling “Allahu akbar!” (which means “Allah is GREATER,” not “God is great”). During a parliamentary debate that exposed deep divisions over how the Netherlands should respond to the crisis, Dutch political leader Geert Wilders called the wave of refugees pushing through Hungary and other countries “an Islamic invasion of Europe, of the Netherlands.”

Israeli Messianic leaders at “Revive Israel” noted: “We are seeing the worst refugee crisis since World War II. Europe is being overwhelmed with refugees fleeing Syria and the region. There are heartwrenching images of men, women, and children fleeing for their lives, some dying on the way. While the media place much of the blame on EU policy in failing to receive and assist these refugees, the true cause of this crisis is being largely ignored: radical Islam.”

The free world is being manipulated in a stunning fashion, with some even drawing parallels to the 20th-century Jewish refugees from Nazism. However, this is not an accurate comparison.

The wealthy Moslem states are not willing to assist their “brothers”— though the Saudis did offer to build 200 mosques in Germany!— while Israel absorbed 800,000 Jewish brothers and sisters after WW II.

On a personal note, when my grandparents came to America, they required their family to learn English. Education and assimilation were highly valued, and they hoped that our family would become Americans even while retaining our legacy as Jews.

As a young boy, I watched them scrub the front stoop (steps) AND wash the street outside their tenement flat in NYC. No welfare or assistance came their way. And neither was there cursing or throwing feces; just deep gratitude for the opportunity to start a new life.

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