Teaching on Global Jihad

On a rain soaked gloomy day, we ventured to Jericho to film “The Sword of Allah” program, one of 8  in our end times series, Times of the Signs. Yasser Arafat demanded this place as his first concession from Israel. He set it up as headquarters. Why? Because he knew that Joshua had been given it by the hand of God, and he wanted to weasel it back to Islam.

A Mosque Built with US (and International) Funds

After we taught about global jihad in front of the mosque built with US (and international) funds, we “happened” upon this sign, identifying the Moslem stronghold with the moon god of the desert, allah. YHVH and allah are NOT the same! While allah may be a common local generic name for God… the character, purposes, love and redemption of YHVH share NOTHING with the barbaric slaughtering shariah moon god of mohammed. PRAY for us, please.

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