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Happy Independence Day Israel!

May 2022 / Iyar 5782 Shalom friends, We trust you are looking to heaven while the earth spins more and more crazily! Let’s gather and lift up Messiah Yeshua this weekend. If you are in the SF Bay area, join us for Shabbat Friday, May 6th at 7 pm at Beit Abba at 860 Latour […]

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February 2022 / Adar 5782

Shalom haverim v’mishpochah! (Peace to you, friends and family) Global News You Can Peruse It is so exciting to see the nations lining up to fulfill God’s prophetic Word! Russia, China, Iran and Turkey are getting positioned as cosmic pawns on God’s timetable. As my grandmother would say, paraphrasing Psalm 2, “man plans and God […]

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The Changing of the Guard

November 2021 / Cheshvan 5782 Global News You Can Use Recent elections have changed the global political landscape in a dramatic way. The transition of power in the USA, Israel, and Iran heralds a new season of tension and uncertainty in the Middle East. We are prayerfully watching the alignment of nations for God’s purposes. […]

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