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Come Holy Spirit

June 2022 / Sivan 5782 Shalom Friends, Global News To Beat the Blues What a sign-filled season. We are truly living in the “times of the signs”. We have the privilege of seeing science catch up to the Bible. One of the most dramatic examples of this is the sonogram, invented in Glasgow, Scotland in […]

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September 2021 / Elul 5781

September 2021 / Elul 5781 Shalom Haverim v’ Mishpocha, (Greeting friends and family) Global News That You Can Use The world is watching Afghanistan get overrun by Jihadists. The political class in the USA is awash in blame-shifting, mixed priorities, and ineptitude. Could it actually represent a conscious slide into totalitarianism? Dr. Bach, retired US […]

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August 2021 / Av 5781

August 2021 / Av 5781 Shalom Haverim v’ Mishpocha, (Greetings, Family and Friends) Global News That You Can Use The KINGDOM of God is expanding in spite of globalist resistance to the international community of faith! Yeshua’s Kingdom is invisible to the secular eye, but we know HE is coming soon. Our June Middle East […]

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