Starting Over

This week we open the Bible to Bereshit [Genesis] and begin afresh the yearly Torah cycle. It is an exciting time of the year. The Feasts have been spectacular, the weather and the colors are changing and the air is crisp. The fresh air reminds us of the refreshing wind of God’s Spirit.

The Torah is God’s gift to mankind. Its the basis for civil law and functional societies. It’s been said, “It’s not the Jews who have kept the Torah, it’s the Torah which has kept the Jews.”

The picture above is an authentic Israeli third generation scribe named Zacaharia. We happened upon him at Neot Kedumim, the Biblical Gardens. He was patiently writing the Bible. I marveled at the organic reality of the process. A native Israeli, writing on parchment made from a kosher local animal, using a turkey feather quill and ink made from herbs grown around him. What a picture of the brilliance of God. He chose the Jewish people, then gave us the Word, so the world would be blessed. Heaven came to earth in the form of the written Word and then again, in the form of Yeshua… the Living Word! When He is in the middle of life, all things are possible

Heaven Can Come to You

When Heaven Hits Home book cover

Katharine and I have come to rely on His mercy and guidance during our 33-year journey together. We are SO different from each other, we need His intervention and loving presence in our lives. Over the years we have synthesized some helpful relational nuggets from:

We are excited about our upcoming book release in early Spring 2019. It is called “When Heaven Hits Home / Ancient Wisdom for Modern Couples.” But it is more than a marriage enrichment book. It will help ALL readers grow closer to the Lord and the people in their lives.

We tell our story and recount the supernatural interventions we have seen in people’s lives around the world. It’s been called easy reading, funny and poignant by key leaders who have endorsed the book.

It’s about starting over and living in the present, in His presence.

You can download a free chapter of the book here.


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