Shut up!

Has the fear-based threat of Corona Virus given the authorities the power to shut Christianity down?

Why are Wal-Mart, abortion clinics, weed dispensaries and liquor stores open at the same time that churches and places of worship are forbidden to open?

According to renowned psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud, Suicide currently ranks as the second leading cause of death for persons age 10 to 24.

Thank God that our President has declared Churches, Synagogues and Mosques as “essential” to the well being of the nation.

Here in CA  – Governor Gavin Newsom “promises” a slow return to a careful, measured freedom to reinstitute congregational gatherings, with no real plan and a vague, ever-changing timeline.


Have we already taken a page from the playbook of the Chinese Communist Party?

China’s regime continues its crackdown on The Church of Almighty God, a group China banned as a “dangerous cult”. In February and March, authorities arrested at least 325 members of the church “as a result of investigations in the name of epidemic prevention”.

One member said that the police had “threatened to send her to the coronavirus epicenter in Hubei Province to be infected.

Members of The Church of Almighty God commemorated the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, on June 4, 2019 in Washington, DC.  They certainly could not do that in China.

We love the Chinese people but are VERY suspicious of the CPP! Remember there is a difference. The greatest victims of the CPP are the Chinese people.

We ministered to the house church movement several years ago. It was an honor to see theses heroes of the faith, meeting in secret and a further honor to teach them about the significance of the “one new man” (humanity) that Paul addresses in his letter to the Ephesians.  The fact is that, come hell or high water, God will have Jews and Gentiles worshipping him together before Messiah comes.

Shanghai’s air was polluted beyond belief and MOST citizens walked the streets with masks on…

Since early 2020, China has been doubling down on its already extreme suppression of religious freedom, and the Covid-19 outbreak has done nothing to curb the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) enthusiasm. If anything, the virus outbreak has served as an excuse to crack down even more on freedom of religion.

In February, for instance, officials came to inspect whether a church in Henan province was implementing lockdown instructions, but, according to one church member interviewed by Bitter Winter, “seeing some Bible verses written on a blackboard they said, ‘China is the land of the Communist Party, and we are not allowed to hold religious beliefs'”. The officials then “smashed everything in the venue and left, locking the door…”

Masks – closed mouth, limited personal contact, no face-to-face interaction… an attempt to limit the Word of the Lord

This Hebrew year, 5780, is symbolized by the letter “peh” the Hebrew word for the number 80 AND the Hebrew word for MOUTH.

This is to be a year – and a decade of declarations…

This is to be a time for prophetic prayer and intercession on behalf of America, Israel and the nations. Open your mouth and speak “To Life!”

America, love it and lift it!

There is a battle over the soul of the USA. The current climate of legitimate outrage, along with fear, anger, and violence is disturbing to say the least.

But, is there a silver lining in all of this trouble?

I think so.

The history of religious compartmentalization is extant in every country. My relatives and neighbors were holocaust survivors. In the mid-twentieth century, 6 million Jews [and millions of others] were murdered by the Nazi tyranny, BTW, a “Socialist Democrat” party. Growing up, I would see the tattoos of serial numbers on the forearms of family friends. They would never speak about it. They carried their pain and worked to LIVE in a better situation than they came from in Europe.

Evil always adds insult to injury. For the Jews of Europe, complete destruction was the injury, and the added insult included marking their bodies with tattoos, a taboo in the Jewish religion. The Nazis also cremated their Jewish murder victims, knowing it is a Bible custom to bury our dead.

What about insult to injury for our Black friends and neighbors today? The injury was the horror of slavery AND the abortive genocide of their families. The insult is that they are in danger of being used by forces of evil to further divide our country along racial and economic lines. The elite socialist kleptocrats who have destroyed our cities are willing to co-opt the frustration of our Black brothers and sisters for their nefarious means. The hijacking of the news narrative by the mainstream media has created a knee-jerk obeisance to that narrative.

Instead, perhaps we can do what the ancient Hebrew prophet, said, “Come let us reason together”

We must not tolerate police brutality OR violence.

There seems to be clear evidence that forces of destruction are using the tragic event of George Floyd’s death to literally inflame the angry passions of people who need to be heard. BUT, the reality on the ground is that there is a strong move to bring America to her knees in subjection to a socialist, globalist rule by elites and their cohorts.

So here’s a word “To Life”! Let’s not bow based on politics to any man, whether black or white. Let’s talk together and work things out.

Let’s only bow to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Yes, Let’s repent of any prejudice.

Let’s clean up personal relationships through repentance and forgiveness.

Let’s join together to ask God for wisdom in the days ahead.

And that’s a Word –  To Life!

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