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Katharine WeissAfter twenty-five years of marriage, I can honestly agree with the old rumor “Jews make the best husbands.” At least my Jew—Myles—has been a wonderful friend, father, and follower of Yeshua. Every Shabbat (Sabbath), he praises me as a Proverbs 31 woman (even if I don’t always feel like one), and reminds all who are present when I light the candles that the Light of the World came through the womb of woman.

He honors me and requires our children to do the same. Myles is generous and likes to lavish me with gifts even though he hates to shop. In fact, he is the opposite of the stereotypical portrait of the “cheap” Jew. I feel loved.

The Best Jewish Husband

I have good news for all you women: Whether you are married or not, if you are a Believer, you have the greatest Jewish husband in this world! He always believes the best in you and has written you the most beautiful love letter ever. He is watching over you at all times and delights in your unique expression of His love to this world. He is the most generous King and provides you with His gifts and blessings. I hope you feel loved.

Muslim-woman-300x176Sadly, this is not the case for the women of Islam. What a painful picture, to see them virtually entombed in a head-to-toe shroud. What wounding, to see what their ideology does to them in the name of “modesty” and “virtue.” Many are prisoners of a perverse demand for “holiness” that is mandated and enforced by men.

So the question arises: Where are the usually vocal members of the Western feminist movement? Why the silence?

Islam’s treatment of women should be a front-page issue for feminists. In its most virulent forms, the practices of Koran-following Muslims produce abusive systems of power differentials between the sexes. In some cases, such as in Saudi Arabia, it takes the form of ineligibility to obtain a driver’s license. In more primitive societies, Islam requires genital mutilation to prevent pleasure in God-ordained intimacy.


Oprah-Winfrey-150x150Absolutely, and yet the same people who insist on the right to any form of sexual expression are seemingly absent when these issues of Islamic oppression are raised. The Steinems and Greers and even the currently omnipresent Oprah never say a word against Islam.

We must speak out—for the women of Islam and against the ideology that enslaves them.

I love this woman—smart, funny, gorgeous, and spiritual.—Myles

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