Israel 2009

katharineKatharine partnered with Fred and Sonja Haley of the Bethel Israel Connection to host a journey to Israel in 2009. It was such a joy to be yoked with Bethel/Global Legacy. We were so honored to be joined by Beni Johnson, Pastor Bill’s wife. Bethel Church and Global Legacy brought maturity and prophetic wisdom to the task that was a tremendous blessing. Part of our assignment on this trip was to pray for RAIN – they have been suffering from great drought for many years. The Lord heard our cries and the cries of many (including those of us in California, praying for rain here…) by bringing a huge downpour of rain on Friday, the day we flew home! It was part of His promise to us that our ministry in His Land was pleasing to Him!

arielOur time in Ariel was wonderful. We divided in teams of 4 and completely engulfed the mountain of the Youth Training Center with God’s presence and power. We released anointing for the staff. It was especially significant  as we had never been to Ariel before. It was a privilege to be able to go to the top mountain on the IDF base and bless the soldiers and pray from there for Ariel and for the Leadership Center. We declared ‘Peace!’ in Samaria (what the world media calls “the West Bank”) and some of our team reported seeing angels in Ariel. It was apparent that the Lord loves His Land and is protecting it. Many are looking to Him for hope! Hallelujah!

image004Powerful encounters with the Sudanese refugees in Carmel (the work of Mt. Carmel has been recognized by international relief agencies).  Many were touched by the love and prayers of our group with encouragement and healing of the heart.

image005We had the privilege of visiting sculptor Rick Wienecke in Arad. Rick has created an intercessory piece of art, called the Fountain of Tears. The sculpture depicts a dialogue of suffering between the holocaust and the crucifixion. It is hard to put into words the effect of the fountain, it seems to bypass the mind and reach the heart.

One of the highlights of the trip was that we were able to help Inaugurate the 24 hour worship center in Haifa with the Carmel Assembly with our dear friends and mentors the Davises and Tsukahiras.

Every sphere of society was touched with the love and power of God while we were there! Our “SWAT” team of 20 moved in stealth-like manner as one unit under the direction of Holy Spirit. Myles calls us God’s SWAT team = “Special Worship and Triumph.”

It was so powerful to have one of the Messianic worship leaders come with us to secure the borders and release the love and truth of the Living Messiah over Syria and Lebanon, and to Iran and Iraq. It was another manifestation of the “one new man” where God commands the blessing. We expect to read about transformation in the news in the coming season. The Lord is holding back the hand of our arch enemy!

image010So many got healed, including one intercessor who had poor lung capacity and could barely talk. Her lungs were completely healed while we were in the Galilee area and she is able to speak, pray, declare with a loud voice and blow the Shofar well. She is rejoicing in her Savior’s Love!


Miracles are pouring out among the Arab believers and there is a fresh wind of the Spirit on the youth. They are seeing miracles in the streets and rejoicing in the hope of a powerful God who loves THEM! “Ishmael, come home!”

Our guide, a Messianic believer with generations in the land, was healed on the last day as he , his back and knee pain went away completely! More healings took place in Jerusalem, especially for those with neck and shoulder injuries.

THANK YOU for standing with us, may you receive a GLORIOUS increase as a reward for your faithful love for God and His kingdom!