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Here are some audio programs we know you will find of interest.

The Middle East – Israel’s Independence Day – With Sharon Hughes & Myles Weiss
As Israel celebrates 63 years since becoming a nation in 1948, it continues to find itself in the midst of a battle to give up half of Jerusalem. Co-host Myles Weiss describes how critical it is for America to continue to stand with Israel. Plus, the little known Nazi history of Argentina.

Middle East Update: The Greatest Threat – Myles Weiss & Walid Shoebat
What is greatest threat to the U.S., Europe, and the world today? Violence, such as is happening in France? The conflict in the Middle East? The divide between the U.S. and Arab voting nations in the U.N.? Political correctness in foreign policy? The growing tension between the United States and Israel administrations?

The Forgotten People – Ted Pearce & Myles Weiss
During the last days of WWII, the German population witnessed a terrible final atrocity in the Holocaust when thousands of Jews were sent on death marches to the concentration camps. These marches were extremely brutal, and Himmler’s order that no prisoner fall into the hands of the Allies was taken as a license to kill. Our guest released his CD, “The Forgotten People” at the March of Life honoring those who died on the Death March to Dachau.”

Middle East Update: Bad News / Good News
As Israel celebrated the reunification of Jerusalem, remembering why it is the capital of the Jewish nation, Myles’ shares his perspective as a marriage and family counselor, his concern over the growing tension between America and Israel, as well as some good news as the Iranian people are reaching for freedom, and the roll a short YouTube film he produced is playing in that.

God’s War on Terror, Pt. 1  – with Sharon Hughes, Walid Shoebat & Myles Weiss
Former PLO terrorist and author of his latest book, “God’s War on Terror – Islam, Prophecy, & the Bible”, Walid Shoebat, (, shares concerning the coming war on Israel by an Islamic coalition of nations, and which nation will head it, as well as where America fits in end-times events. There’s some good news! This show was aired on Changing World Views Radio.

Middle East Watch: Israel’s Independence Day – Sharon Hughes & Myles Weiss
Last week Israel celebrated its 61st Anniversary since becoming a state in 1948. Co-Host Myles Weiss talks with Sharon about Israel giving up half of Jerusalem, why America should stand with Israel, and the little known Nazi history of Argentina.

What’s Ahead for Israel? – Sharon Hughes & Myles Weiss
Co-host on Middle East Affairs, Myles Weiss, discusses with Sharon Israel’s upcoming election, the current ceasefire and its consequences, and the controversies surrounding the United States’ support under an Obama administration. Will there every be peace in Israel?

Changing Worldviews – GODTALK – Largest Israel-Focused Event in History (Oct. 6, 2008) – Sharon Hughes & Myles Weiss

Changing Worldviews – Iran, Israel and the Candidates (Oct. 1, 2008) – Sharon Hughes & Myles Weiss

Israel’s Coming Change of Command – Sharon Hughes & Myles Weiss with Avner Boskey
Avner Boskey is from the Beersheva area of Israel. He carries a scriptural and prophetic message for the future of the church and Israel. Avner was recently featured as a guest on Changing World Views Radio, talking with Myles and Sharon Hughes about Ehud Olmert’s stepping down, Israel’s next election, the push to give up more land and divide Jerusalem and the recent conversion of the son of the most popular Hamas leader in the West Bank to Christianity. You can learn about Avner’s work and support his ministry at David’s Tent.

 Changing Worldviews – CNN’s Bias in “God’s Warriors – the Muslims”  –  Sharon Hughes & Myles Weiss

Changing Worldviews – CNN’s Bias in “God’s Warriors – the Jews”  –  Sharon Hughes & Myles Weiss

The Messianic Jewish Movement
Dan Juster is a leading voice in the Hebrew believer’s community. We were privileged last spring to attend King of Kings Community in Jerusalem when he was preaching. Though he rarely teaches there, God ordered our steps to hear a seminal message, virtually a “state of the union” regarding the modern messianic movement. The pastors traveling with us were informed and moved. With Dan’s permission, we offer this to you. You can learn about his work and support his ministry at Tikkun Ministries.