Remember, Respect and Rejoice!

This is a powerful season in Israel, and a “heads up” to the world. The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is true to His word.

All of these are happening TODAY, despite the widespread grumblings of Anti-Semitic politics, people, and policies. I wept the other day while viewing a TV piece about  Innovation Africa. Israelis have donated enough solar technology to bring energy, clean water, crops, education and cottage industries to more than 130 villages in Africa.

Israelis are transforming the lives of Africans, pulling them back from the jaws of death and degradation.

We need to trumpet the good news, as God makes “Jerusalem a praise in all the earth.”

This week we remember those who gave their lives for the restoration of Israel and we respect those who serve the country – we also REJOICE in the rebirth of the nation.

Listen to the Prime Minister

It is fascinating to see that the Torah portion this week addresses the danger of negative speech. Some interpret Genesis 12:1-3 [I will curse those who curse you…] to include “esteem lightly” – we need to be careful about our attitudes towards Israel, the “apple” of God’s eye.

Here is our “Treasures Old and New” one-minute lesson for this week:

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