Peace or Jihad?



Myles-solo-7-12-150x150Katharine and I have had the privilege of interviewing Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch. With his hearty band of researchers, Marcus faithfully monitors and translates Arabic “news articles” and communiqués into Hebrew and English for the Western world to see.

In my opinion, workers at PalWatch are true heroes on the frontlines of the clash of civilizations—that is, if you can classify as a civilization a terrorist-driven, suicide-bombing, murder-celebrating tribe that indoctrinates its youngest children to hate and kill. Am I being judgmental?

I remember the classic video of former PLO dictator Yasser Arafat crying crocodile tears in front of the European and American media. He acted distraught over a terror attack on Israel—but hours later was seen screaming, “Jihad, jihad, jihad!” before a Muslim audience. I thought, “This is the very definition of ‘taqiyya’”— namely, lying or acting deceptively in order to progress Islam, a perfectly permissible practice in Islam.

A Tale of Two Cultures

While the Palestinian call for jihad against Israel continues, Palestinian leaders in Fatah and Hamas seek Israeli doctors, hospitals, and medical interventions for their own survival. gives examples.

Jews helping Fatah:

Jews helping Hamas:

This is a serious conundrum.

Judeo-Christian culture compels us to help those in need. Israeli medical services are famous for their triage—first helping the patient most in dire straits, whether terrorist or native son. The Hebrew mandate “tikkun olam” (“repair the world”) means to leave it in a better state than you found it—the opposite of jihad. Combining these two elements—civilized love and decency—causes Jews and Christians to continually reach for the hearts and heal the bodies of those who want to kill us all—to wipe us off the map. Oy!

To be pro-Israel is not to be anti-Arab or anti-Muslim. To be pro-Israel is to believe the Bible, the historical land grant, the hope of Messiah, and His desire for all to know the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel (Jacob).

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