Our Faithful Arab Cousins, The Khourys

Myles and Katharine with Pastor Naim and Elvira Khoury

The Khourys preach Christian love for all

We asked the Khourys to come and share their story with our pilgrims. These heroes of the faith stand with Israel’s covenant as they face rising darkness in Bethlehem. The city of Yeshua’s birth has been stripped of Jewish history. The Moslems have driven out Christians through intimidation and there remains a tiny remnant of true believers. The scurrilous “Christ at the Checkpoint” movement began here.
This new twist on Replacement theology, combined with ‘liberation theology” posits that Yeshua did not come to free us from our sin, but to free us from social ills based on political movements. This translates into an Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel message that is more aligned with Islam than the Bible. In the midst of this chaos, the Khourys preach Christian love for all, and respect for the Jewish right to land and right to exist! We have been supporting them for years in prayer and finance. We were blessed to bring them an offering from Beth Shalom! A perfect example of the “one new man” of Ephesians 2:14. We are one in the Lord with our Arab family.
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