On the “Hill of Evil Council!”

The “Hill of Evil Council” was named during the Byzantine era as the traditional site of Caiphas’ conspiracy to execute Yeshua.

UN Irony

In an irony only HaShem could allow, since 1948 it has been the Jerusalem home of the United Nations. As you know, the UN ( “united nothing” on the street here) has been the source of virulent false accusations against Israel. Today, the UN plots repeatedly to “execute” Israel. For example, of the last 28 UN resolutions, 25 were against Israel for ‘human rights violations’ while they blithely overlooked the horrors of Iran, North Korea and other favored nations.

We know the only hope of genuine world unity is under the benign monarchy of Messiah.

We are shooting a new series and this episode will focus on the contrast between man’s rebellious attempts at government and God’s righteous rule which only finds complete fulfillment when King Messiah comes!

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