A New View For The New Year

Deep in the Heart of Texas!

What a time we had with Glory of Zion! The love and generosity of our spiritual family there is overwhelming, and we were privileged to release a “Ruth and Boaz” message for 5778. I called it “Ready, Set…Chet!” [Chet is the Hebrew number 8]. All the sessions at the conference supported this idea: it is time for a New View of You in this New Year…

The number 8 represents new beginnings, and so many of us are in that season. The book of Ruth happens to be the 8th book of your Bible… and God is mainstreaming the message of Ruth at this time.

Katharine opened our session with a beautiful exhortation… and then prophetic leader Chuck Pierce prayed over us at the end of the session.

It was a powerful time and we thank you for sending us and we look forward to returning there soon.

Please keep us in prayer as we counsel, teach and preach throughout NorCal and prepare for China next month.



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