Mysteries of Jerusalem

As our 96 pilgrims gaze at the panoramic splendor of Jerusalem, Myles recounts the many mysteries of Jerusalem, the city which God commands us to keep in prayer (Psalm 122:6). It is the desire of nations (Haggai 2:7) which will be fulfilled when the Prince sits again on the throne (Jeremiah 33:17, Luke 1:32).

Three Valleys Form the Letter Shin

We saw how the three valleys that make up Jerusalem, the Hinnom, the Kidron and the Central valley form the Hebrew letter “shin” which is the letter on the “gates”, the doorways, the mezuzahs of the Jewish people. Inside the Mezuzah is the “Shema”, the central prayer of all Israel. It begins with this letter “shin” and we saw how Jerusalem is the gate, the doorway, the entrance into our human realm for the King of Creation. We are to “give Him no rest, until He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.” (Isaiah 62). We looked at the golden dome, which sites on a crusader church, on Roman pillars, atop covenant land granted to Abraham’s Jewish descendants!
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