Looking Back with Gratitude

Shalom, mishpochah!  Greetings and peace, family!

2019 is coming to a close. Katharine and I are amazed at all the Lord has done this year and we want to thank you for your prayers and partnership. Through House of Peace, you have touched thousands of lives with salvation, deliverance, encouragement and hope.

Here are a few highlights of what your prayers and donations have accomplished this year:

Global Outreach:

  • Iran – This year we continued our partnership with the Iranian underground church and donated Bibles, discipleship materials and hope for the future – our Jewish ministry supporting Christians in Iran!
  • China – Through our friendship with the Chinese house church leaders, we have been able to encourage them in the midst of their trials with podcasts and understanding of the end-times role of Israel.
  • Repudiating Anti-Semitism – We continue to proclaim God’s love for His natural seed and exhort Bible believers to turn from replacement theology and embrace the shared destiny of Israel and the Church.
  • England – We were supernaturally connected with a revival movement in the U.K. that allowed us to highlight their Hebraic roots and call them to a new implementation of love for the Jewish people and Israel.


  • FIRM – We serve on the Board of Directors and connect churches with over 50 life-giving ministries in Israel.
  • African Refugees on Mount Carmel – We support the women who have found refuge in the Body in Israel after their trials leaving Africa and finding life in Yeshua in Israel!
  • Substance Abuse Recovery in Haifa – We undergird (financially and spiritually) former addicts and alcoholics, both Arabs and Jews, finding deliverance and unity in Messiah!
  • Widows and Orphans – We partner in the Negev desert to see single moms, widows, and broken families find life in Christ.

Marriage Ministry

  • Counseling Marriages in Israel – Using Myles’ 30 years as a licensed therapist, we had the privilege of counseling leadership couples facing the tremendous pressure of ministry in Israel.
  • Marriage Enrichment Seminars – In England, Nevada, and California, God encouraged many in their home life and intimate relationships through our book When Heaven Hits Home.

You’ve been such a good friend to this ministry! As 2019 ends, may we ask you to please consider giving this ministry a generous year-end gift so that we can begin to move forward with all the plans the Holy Spirit has put in our hearts for 2020?


Vision For 2020:

We need to raise $100,000 for the upcoming missions in China, England, Israel, and Iran. Our church friends in Siberia want to translate our book into Russian! We need to format and print Katharine’s new book on Ruth, which is a manual for reaching Jewish people with the Gospel. Television is opening up for us on the East Coast, but requires funds for further production and release.

Please prayerfully consider sowing tax-deductible donations into House of Peace (Beth Shalom).

B’rachot Gadolot (Great blessings on your house!)

With Love,

Myles & Katharine

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