“Jesus Freaks” and Israel

As we have been proclaiming for many years, there is “Good News From the Middle East!”  An OpEd in the Jerusalem Post (see below) got me thinking about all the positive energy and initiatives coming to Israel through Messianic Jews, Evangelical Christians, and other “Jesus Freaks”.

I understand the term “Jesus Freaks” is dated and may sound pejorative, so let’s ask Merriam Webster to help us redefine it. Included in Webster’s definitions of “freak” are: “… an ardent enthusiast, a person who is obsessed with something…”

Ahhhh… no wonder why these people seem so consumed by their faith, their zeal and the seeming centrality of Yeshua to their worldview.

“Jesus freaks” are Jewish and Gentile people who have had a supernatural, personal and irrefutable experience that convinced them that the Jesus of the Bible IS the promised Messiah of the Jewish people… and the Savior of all nations. Many comprise the most powerful pro-Israel community on the world stage today.

They may be called Messianic Jews, Evangelical Christians, Born-again believers, Full Bible believers, full Gospel followers, covenant children, daring disciples, radical restorers… or… even, Jesus Freaks.

They practice their faith in a myriad of ways, often proclaiming their own practice to be the most “kosher”. Their common bond is their receptivity to the love of God, expressed most clearly in Yeshua [Jesus], the ultimate Passover lamb, who GAVE His life so humanity could personally know the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Through that personal experience, they have confidence in eternity with a totally just and merciful God.

Our friend Ted Pearce has a great song, “Am Echad” [One People] that describes the coming time when all believers, Jew and Gentile, will worship together. We are “in process” to that shared destiny. There are many struggles as well as some revelatory moments on the way.

Standing with Israel

Evangelical Christians from around the world wave their national flags along with Israeli flags as they march in a parade in Jerusalem to mark the Feast of Tabernacles .

The piece in the Jerusalem Post exhorts the nation of Israel to see their Messianic brothers as a viable, bridge building part of the awakening of the nations. Awakening? Yes, to the reality that the restoration of the State of Israel is the most profound evidence of Biblical veracity, God’s reality and His covenant-keeping power. Click here to read the article.

Israel needs MORE Jesus Freaks! 

May millions more around the globe celebrate the Biblical Messianic promises, with goodwill towards God’s chosen people.

May we continue to work together towards the day of Messiah’s [re-]appearing. Let’s love the Jewish people, and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


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