Israel is not the Arab’s Problem!

It is their own leadership that incites them to violence, requires them to resist peace, stonewall solutions and continually play the victim.

The Trump “Deal of the Century,” while imperfect, stresses the hope for economic prosperity for the Arab people of Israel.

Tragically, the leaders of the Palestinian Authority [PA] have rejected it before the ink was dry on the proposal.

Abba Eban, an early leader in the reborn state of Israel said, “The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”

Sadly, the Palestinian leadership has ingrained their intractable conquest mindset in the people. We have met so many Arabs who will say privately they want peace and prosperity — a hope and a — future but it’s too risky to declare it publicly!

Why Does the Palestinian Leadership Act This Way?

The Palestinian Authority’s regular TV programming for children incites them to terror, praising terrorists as “martyrs,” demonizing Jews, and encouraging children to become terrorists. Children’s school textbooks curated by the PA are no better. In the past we have documented the vile use of “Mickey Mouse” type characters to incite children as young as 5 years old to aspire to “martyrdom” through murder.

According to Itamar Marcus, leader of Palestinian Media Watch, their efforts have expanded to popular Social Media platforms to keep young people agitated towards murder.

Warning: The following video is graphic… (click on video to watch)

Our friend in Jerusalem, Hananya Naftali, articulates this dilemma very well from a native’s perspective (click on vid to watch):

What can we do as friends and supporters of Israel?


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