Interview With Avi Lipkin

It is always a joy to interview Avi Lipkin. He is a one-of-a-kind force of nature. Irrepressible, joyful, irreverent towards the mishagas (craziness) of this world but reverent towards God. He also has a unique perspective.  An Orthodox Jew, he chooses to build bridges between Jews and Christians, looking forward to the redemption promised by the scriptures.

Educating Christians about the Koran and Islam

Avi Lipkin is a former spokesman for the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and has spent many years educating Christians about the Koran and Islam’s long range goals for the Western world. He is the founder of the Bible Bloc Party, which plans to bring a Judeo-Christian bible based influence to Israel’s Knesset (Parliament).

Avi’s wife Rachel is an Egyptian-born Jewess who translates Arabic language radio for the Israeli government. Both of them have been on our broadcast program. These discussions are so “hot” that we cannot air them on broadcast TV. So we bring them to you here. If these interviews spark your interest, take the issues to the Lord in prayer.

Blessings… and keep looking up!



Still image courtesy Jerusalem Channel

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