Headlines Are Catching Up to the Bible!

Today the world is focused on Jerusalem as the nations hassle over President Trump’s recognition of the ancient city as Israel’s capitol. This is complicated by another issue: if and when to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem…

As this unfolds in real time, please consider:

  1. It is prophetically significant that finally an American President is acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol.

   However, watch for these “wrinkles”

  1. Is it the “undivided” city or “West Jerusalem”…keeping the door open to a “two-city” solution, with the Palestinians on the eastside as the capitol of another Muslim state, committed to Israel’s destruction?
  2. Will he commit to a short timeline of moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? The US could do it in a day by changing the plaque on the US consulate in the eternal city, but there are rumblings about “it could take up to 4 years” to find the right property with security, etc.
  3. Let’s hope that doesn’t mean our consulate in Jerusalem is NOT secure…remember Benghazi? The US consulate is perfectly safe among the Israelis, but the US “need” for land, architects, and security pushes the move out several years and buys time for more of an ill-fated “peace process”
  4. Wouldn’t this Spring 2018 be the PERFECT time to move the embassy? The 70th anniversary of Israel’s birth in the 50th year of Jerusalem’s return to Israel!

This is a Jubilee [50th] year and follows a modern series of Jubilees…the recurring fifty year blessing of the Hebrew Scriptures

So let’s rejoice, and be glad…but keep our eyes open and prayers before the Lord.

Why not ask the founder of Jerusalem what he thinks? That’s not Buddha or Zoroaster, Mohammed or even Jesus, in His humanity – it is…

David Melech Yisrael [David, the King of Israel] who purchased the land and built the city 3000 years ago!

He wrote in Psalm 2 [several translations follow in selected verses]:

Why the big noise, nations?
Why the mean plots, peoples?
Earth-leaders push for position,
Demagogues and delegates meet for summit talks,

“But as for Me, I have installed My King Upon Zion, My holy mountain.”

He who sits in the heavens laughs,
The Lord scoffs at them…
10 Now therefore, O kings, show discernment;
Take warning, O judges of the earth.
11 Worship the Lord with reverence
How blessed are all who take refuge in Him!

We are in another Jubilee year now, so no wonder the world is focusing more intensely on the tiny nation and eternal city.

We can expect threatening and uproar, but the Lord is on the throne and He watches over Israel! As He keeps covenant with Israel, so He will keep it with all who believe.

This fact remains: the Bible is the only book of predictive prophecy on planet earth. God says it, then does it and we decide whether to believe it.


Myles Weiss December 06, 2017/ Kislev 5778

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