Context, people… context!

Last Saturday, December 7, the Israel American Council welcomed US President Trump to address their conference.

The Washington Post immediately condemned his speech, writing, “The Jewish Democratic Council of America called the president’s remarks “deeply offensive” and his use of stereotypes “unconscionable,” saying the Saturday night remarks “only reinforce our belief … that Donald Trump is the biggest threat to American Jews.”

CNN was just as shrill in their condemnation saying, “On Saturday night, President Donald Trump served up a buffet of anti-Semitic tropes before the Israel American Council advocacy group in Florida.  He played on the dangerous anti-Semitic theme of Jews having dual loyalty to the United States and another country, when he said, ‘They don’t love Israel enough’.”

Not Iran, not Hamas, not Hezbollah… not even “Gal-Qaeda” [the anti-semitic ‘squad’ of the US congress]…

As an American, New York Jew, I found no fault in the man’s speech. His typical use of humor and sarcasm, calling real estate colleagues, “killers… not nice people” was said in the CONTEXT of describing the deal he made to move the US embassy at a fraction of the cost originally proposed to him.

His statement that many American Jews “don’t love Israel enough” was said in the CONTEXT of the existential threats to Israelis, ergo, Jews worldwide. Mr. Trump apparently knows history and therefore knows that a secure Israeli homeland for the world’s tiny population of Jews is essential.

To understand the CONTEXT of the statements, watch the whole speech, and don’t miss the incredible musical finale with the Israeli band, Shalva!

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