Bride Behind the Veil

As the headlines catch up to the Bible, nations are aligning themselves for the End Times. One precious people group is the Persians.  They are an ancient, brilliant and intermittently sophisticated culture that played a significant part in Bible history. Under the Nazi influence, Persia was renamed Iran in 1935.  The people are currently struggling against a repressive Islamo-fascist regime that is funding worldwide terror. Iran is backing Hezbollah, which as of one week ago was 7 miles from the Israeli border! The Iranian people are protesting their leaders’ terror push, which is causing severe economic deprivation at home.

Where Will We Stand?

In 2009, President Obama abandoned the protesting Iranian people.He funded the Mullahs. Today, the people are rising again. President Trump is calling on the world to watch Iran, with eyes that favor freedom and democratic reform and potential prosperity.

I wrote a song for the Iranian heroes in 2009 after a brilliant young woman was murdered in Tehran by the government –  in front of her Father.

Listen and pray for Iran.



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