A Great Miracle Happened Here!

1-294A7450What a privilege, to interview Rabbi Yehuda Glick, who is standing for the rights of Jewish people (and Christians!) to worship on the Temple Mount. Last fall when we were here, the Rabbi was shot 4 TIMES AT POINT BLANK RANGE by a terrorist who did not agree that Jewish worshippers have any place on the Mount. His survival and ongoing recovery is a miracle.

“Ha Makom” – THE PLACE

Remember, this is the mountain that Moses spoke of in Exodus 15:17-18 You will bring them in and plant them In the mountain of Your inheritance, In the place, O Lordwhich You have made For Your own dwelling, The sanctuary, O Lord, which Your hands have established. “The Lord shall reign forever and ever.”  That is “Ha Makom” = THE PLACE, which is on Mount Moriah. The same place that Abraham took Isaac as an offering, the very threshing floor which King David BOUGHT from Ornan the Jebusite, and the place where the TEMPLES stood! No wonder the Muslims built a mosque and a dome here…they KNEW it was holy to the Jewish people…

Slandered as a “radical” and “agitator”, in our interview he was a kind and spiritual man who is on an assignment from Ha Shem…hoping for peace and the rebuilding of a ‘house of prayer for all peoples”. (Isaiah 56:7)

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